Meet Foxy,Your Plink Guide And Her Buddy Chief


           Illustration By Jay Montgomery . . .


Hi there gIrls & boys, moms & dads, neighbors, environmentalists and friends. My name is Foxy.  Some of you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of me and my three kits which I raised near the Georgia 400 overpass at Little Nancy Creek (LNC), a tributary of our life sustaining Chattahoochee River.  

My home is threatened by the PATH 400 Concrete Urban Trail and Mountain Way Common Park (MWCP).

Note The Magnificent Tree Canopy & Vegetation Cover Protecting LNC Prior To 2012.

In 2012, The Georgia DOT Removed A Huge Swath Of Trees.  Later,  NBCA Volunteers Removed Smaller Trees & Vegetation.  This Area, Formerly A Pristine Riparian Wildlife Habitat, Was Denuded By The Spring Of 2015.


Construction of the MWCP Bridge resulted in incontrovertible environmental damage to the LNC watershed.  See page 2 for details and photos.


The LNC watershed is a steep river valley formed eons ago by runoff from the Appalachian Mountains.  Evidence of this fact are the 250 million year old shale formations visible along Mountain Way, a quiet residential street.  

The extraordinary geologic events that created the LNC valley could be interpreted in a passive MWCP.  Mother nature’s work should be appreciated. 


The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has established an E-coli standard for urban waterways.  While 9 samples analyzed by the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper have exceeded the 1,000 MPN/ml threshold, 86 or 91% were within standard.  Click the Little Nancy Creek at Ivy Bridge button at for details.

A key park proponent has claimed that LNC is “imperiled with E-coli and that MWCP will fix this.”  This claim is a false narrative.

Michael Meyer, CRK Watershed Protection Specialist, Checks Samples.


This fallen tree is evidence of soil erosion along LNC.  The NBCA plans to construct a crushed granite trail near this area which would further erode the creek bank.  Photo taken on 8/6/13.

My Friends Only You Can Preserve Little Nancy Creek . . . LET'S PLINK!

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